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Reporters who witnessed the fall of Saigon said that in any case, the United States will not let all the “deserved” Afghans leave-RT World News

American journalist Jim Laurie told RT that the chaotic evacuation from Afghanistan showed that the United States was “underprepared” for this situation and warned that it is too late and many “deserved” Afghans will be left behind. Behind.

The continuous evacuation of foreigners and locals who worked for the occupation forces in the past bears striking resemblance to previous US military failures. Laurie witnessed the evacuation from Cambodia and the fall of Saigon to communist-ruled North Vietnam in 1975, said.

“The panic ending of every war has many similarities,” Laurie said, adding that this time, the United States seemed completely caught off guard.

“This is disturbing, this is too familiar. It is not easy to lose a 20-year war. Now the United States has lost two 20-year wars in 50 years.”

When you see that the Americans in Kabul are not prepared for this kind of evacuation, I feel uneasy.

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The organization that evacuated from Saigon was significantly more organized, starting long before the fall of the city, not just from the Taliban, which was already at the gate of the Afghan capital.Laurie believes that various factors have contributed to this situation because the U.S. bureaucracy has become stricter and more restrictive. “More complex” Instead of going back to 1975.

He pointed out that unlike the Afghan army, the South Vietnamese army is able to carry out some resistance and provide time and space for evacuation.

“As far as Vietnam is concerned, there is time. The South Vietnamese army, supported by the Americans, fought for 55 days. In some cases, they fought very well. Therefore, there is time for many who want to leave and be loyal to the Americans. Allies let them go,” Laurie said, adding that Afghanistan’s inland location makes the evacuation more complicated, while in Vietnam, evacuation is possible by sea.

No matter what the United States does now, they will not be able to let all the Afghans they deserve to leave the country.There is simply not enough time or resources to go far beyond Kabul Airport

Laurie believes that although the exact cause of the sudden collapse of the Afghan army, which has actually ceased to exist in less than two weeks, remains to be guessed, it is likely to encounter the same problems that plagued US-backed troops before.

I think we have a basic problem, which has also happened in Vietnam and Cambodia, unable to train foreign troops and have reliable commanders

“The usual problem is-at least in Vietnam and Cambodia-the problem is not the infantry. The problem is the command structure and whether there are good, strong and dedicated commanders in Afghanistan who have a loyal following,” Laurie said. “We heard and read about all the corruption that happened during this period [in Afghanistan]. “

Laurie also mentioned report about “Ghost Soldier” This is just a matter of fact, and it is a problem in Cambodia and Afghanistan.

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“We have already read about the Mirage Army. I would like to know how many Afghan troops actually don’t exist. The same is true when I was working in Cambodia,” The reporter added that in Cambodia “Thousands” The army is only recruited on paper.

Laurie said that another issue that led to the ultimate military failure of the United States in Afghanistan was that the United States began “nation-building” in this war-torn country in accordance with its own model. This is an almost impossible task.U.S. mission in Afghanistan “When Osama bin Laden is killed, it should end in many ways,” The reporter argued.

“Unfortunately, every time the United States is involved in a foreign war, they have a tendency to rebuild the country, sometimes in the model and way that the Americans think. This is where they get sucked in.”

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