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Republicans block government funding

“Senate Republicans on Monday blocked a spending bill that needs to avoid the government shutdown this week and the federal debt default next month, bringing the country closer to the brink of fiscal crisis because they refused to allow Democrats to cancel the federal Restrictions on borrowing,” this New York Times report.

“As the deadline for funding the government on Thursday looms – and the country is getting closer and closer to a catastrophic debt ceiling default – the impasse in the Senate reflects the fact that Republicans have weakened President Biden and the top Democrats at a critical moment. As they strive to keep the government running and set an ambitious domestic agenda.”

Washington post“The opposition of the Republican Party has dealt a fatal blow to the measure passed in the House of Representatives last week, and now it has increased the pressure on the Democrats to set their own way forward before a series of tight fiscal deadlines. The White House warned that it will not Resolving these problems could lead to severe financial disasters and may plunge the United States into another recession.”

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