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Republicans laid the groundwork for the shutdown and breach of contract, while Democrats worked hard to get the job done

However, this is not the only chaos in Congress right now.Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives will Advance the bipartisan infrastructure bill Although the bill has so far been combined with a larger Senate settlement plan, it contains many of the most popular parts of President Joe Biden’s “Rebuild Better Plan.” The Conservative Democrats have been pushing for the passage of the infrastructure bill as soon as possible. At the same time, progressive Democrats say they will not support it until a settlement bill containing funds for education and care work and climate priorities is also voted on.

Rep. Ilhan Omar pointed out that part of the problem is that conservative Democrats like Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema did not actually put forward their demands for a “better reconstruction” bill. “I actually want them to make their request clear so that we can participate in it,” New York Times Quoting Omar, he added that these bills “must be interconnected to allow anything to pass in the House of Representatives.”

Pelosi plans to vote on the infrastructure bill on Thursday, as Pelosi said time and time again, unless she has a vote, she will not make any comments.This shows that she believes that the support of the Republican Party will be sufficient to replace progressives who refuse to vote, even though Republican leadership opposed the bill, Won 19 Republican votes in the Senate.

But even assuming that the bill is passed by the House of Representatives, it is still a mess. Will be closed soon. And the imminent default of debt. A large part of the president’s agenda, the Democratic agenda, is still negotiating with Democrats. Democrats seem to benefit more from corporate donors than the majority of American voters who want to see many provisions of the plan passed. .

Senate Republicans obstructed the bill, which would have prevented the government from shutting down because it would also prevent the government from defaulting on debts — in many cases debts borne by Republicans — they wanted Democrats to do the same. Specifically, they know that the only way Democrats can do this without the Republican obstruction bill is to include it in a settlement bill, which can pass the Senate with a simple majority. Setting a strict deadline for the bill will put pressure on negotiators and make everything more difficult for Democrats. Moreover, the top priority of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues is to avoid economic disaster caused by default, which may lead to economic recession.

Assuming that Pelosi’s vote count is accurate, normally the House of Representatives will clear One of the four tricky bills From the queue on Thursday. But this is equivalent to doing the simplest thing on your to-do list, so you can cross out something while all the difficult things are still waiting for you. In this case, the difficult items on the to-do list have had a huge impact on the country, starting with the possible closure on Friday, and then getting worse.

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