Research Suggests Matcha Tea has 10 Times More Antioxidants Than Regular Green Tea ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Research Suggests Matcha Tea has 10 Times More Antioxidants Than Regular Green Tea ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Recent research has revealed some amazing green tea benefits and facts about Matcha tea, a plant derivative called Camellia Sinensis. Incidentally, green tea is also derived from the same plant. But, according to studies, the amount of antioxidants per serving in both types of teas varies significantly. According to researchers of the new study, matcha tea contains approximately ten times more antioxidants per serving than conventional green tea.

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According to the research, the reason for this astounding variance between derivatives of the same plant is attributable to the differences in the techniques employed to cultivate the plants. Green tea is grown and cultivated under direct sunlight, but matcha tea is grown in the shade for multiple weeks before harvesting. Green tea leaves develop a pale green with a brownish tint, but matcha tea leaves develop a vivid green color. The chlorophyll levels in the leaves rise as a result of being grown in the shaded area. The same high chlorophyll levels give Matcha tea its vibrant green color.

Matcha as an edible plant has its origins in Japan. Historically, it was solely consumed by the region’s nobility, Buddhist monks, and samurai. In fact, before battles, the samurai would take it as an energy booster drink believed in providing them with hours of sustained stamina. It is now scientifically proven that the effects of ingesting it can last up to six hours without crashing, unlike coffee. That is a reason that Matcha is now being named the new superfood.

This instant energy-boosting effect results from the high levels of antioxidants present in matcha, which are at least fourteen times higher than in some fruits like wild blueberries and ten times higher than in traditional green tea. It also contains all the other nutritional benefits of the traditional green but at elevated levels. Most notable are the EGCG levels, which may help enhance heart health, prevent obesity, prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s…


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