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Retail sales resumed growth in October

The latest data shows that retail sales rose 0.8% in October. National Bureau of Statistics (US).

During the same period, the sales of non-food stores also increased by 4.2%, of which the sales of second-hand stores, toy stores and sports equipment stores increased by 6.2%.

At the same time, clothing store sales in October 2021 Only 0.5% below pre-pandemic levels, some retailers said that early Christmas transactions boosted sales.

However, the proportion of online retail sales in October 2021 fell to 27.3%, the lowest level since March 2020 (22.5%), but still much higher than the 19.7% in February 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic.

Aled Pachter, Director of Retail and Consumer Goods Lloyds Bank, Said: “The October recovery-partly driven by Halloween sales-shows that inflation and the tightening of household budgets have not yet reduced spending.

“In fact, given the uncertainty of the supply chain and the possible shortage of products on important days, a large proportion of consumers will go on Christmas shopping earlier this year.”

He added: “In the new year, consumers seem to tighten their belts, especially after the off-season last year, some people will prepare for a bumper Christmas.”

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