• US real estate website Zillow Group, Inc Z has developed a new ChatGPT plugin to help users discover real estate offers.
  • Authorized users who activate the Zillow plugin ChatGPT can request real estate listings by location, price range, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and receive links directly to Zillow listings that match their preferences.
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  • “At Zillow, we introduced AI and machine learning, starting with the Zestimate® in 2006, and later introduced personalized recommendations and natural language search – meaning we’re well-equipped to help customers search and find homes to help in this new way,” said David Beitel, Zillow Group’s chief technology officer.
  • Zillow is building a housing super app that offers clients a seamless, connected experience for all their real estate needs: buying, selling, financing and renting.
  • The company launched natural language searches on its apps and websites in January.
  • Price promotion: Z shares are up 0.05% to $42.85 as of last check Wednesday.


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