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Rolls-Royce launches the most advanced black badge car in Southeast Asia

Picture: Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce opened the curtain of black badge ghosts in Southeast Asia. According to the brand, the new model is the “purest” and “most technologically advanced” Black Badge expression so far.

In terms of updates, the features of Black Badge Ghost will arouse the interest of Rolls-Royce fans. The new model uses the same twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter V12 engine as its predecessor, but it has been enhanced to output up to 592hp 900Nm of torque. It also enables Black Badge Ghost to soar from 0-100kph in 4.7 seconds. If you think this is not spectacular enough, remember that this is the 2.5-ton vehicle we are talking about.

The gearbox and throttle have also been redesigned, so drivers can expect the urgency and immediacy of Black Badge Ghost’s power output. It is touted to provide a full 900Nm torque from only 1700 rpm.

Rolls Royce Black Badge Ghost
The soul of ecstasy.Picture: Rolls Royce


Customers can choose from Rolls-Royce’s 44,000 “ready-to-wear” colors when designing their cars, but they can also choose to create completely unique custom colors. However, the brand stated that the vast majority of customers for this particular model opted for the iconic black-a total of 45 kg of paint was used. Rolls-Royce stated that this is the “darkest black” in the automotive industry and was polished by hand by a team of four craftsmen.

Rolls Royce Black Badge Ghost
21-inch composite wheels.Picture: Rolls Royce

Both Spirit of Ecstacy and Pantheon Grille have been updated to use a dark chrome electrolyte. Black Badge Ghost is also equipped with 21-inch composite wheels specially designed for this model to wrap the exterior.

Rolls Royce Black Badge Ghost
Internal.Picture: Rolls Royce


In typical Rolls-Royce fashion, the interior of the Black Badge Ghost spares no effort. The material used here illustrates quiet confidence better than public statements. Wood elements such as black bolivar form the base layer and complement other materials such as resin-coated carbon and metal-coated wires. Overall, the aesthetics are in line with the design concept of Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost: “Post Opulent”.

Rolls Royce Black Badge Ghost
Managing Director Renee Chua and Director of Asia Pacific Irene Nikkein.Picture: Rolls Royce

Black Badge Ghost is available now, starting at S$1,468,888 (without COE).

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