Ron DeSantis says he will push pardons for Trump and others

Ron DeSantis says he will push pardons for Trump and others


Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis said he would consider pardoning the Jan. 6 defendants right at the start of his term in office — which includes former President Donald Trump.

What happened: De Santis appeared on Thursday’s The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, where he was asked about a pardon for Trump and others.

Interview with Ron DeSantis on the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show

“On day one, I’m going to have people get together and look at all these cases of who’s been a victim of gun attacks or political targets, and we’re going to be aggressive in issuing pardons,” said the Florida governor, who announced his candidacy President on Wednesday.

“I would say that any instance of political discrimination or the use of arms will be included in this review, no matter how small or how large.”

Why it matters: Significantly, in the podcast, DeSantis emphasized the timing of the pardons.

He said, “I’ll do it at the top, you know a lot of people wait until the end of government to give pardons.”

Trump for his part mocked the launch of DeSantis’ campaign calling their Twitter launch a “disaster.” Wednesday’s Spaces event will be moderated by entrepreneurs Elon Musk And David Sacks was affected by technical problems.

Trump stands in front of a crowd legal problems even if he emerged as the Republican frontrunner for the 2024 presidential election. In April he became the first US President ever arrested and charged in a matter involving the falsification of business records.

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