Rootshell Security discusses risk-based vulnerability management

Rootshell Security discusses risk-based vulnerability management


Security experts address this in a blog article published earlier this morning Rootshell security discussed risk-based vulnerability management and the impossibility of addressing every cybersecurity risk within an organization’s threat landscape—there can be hundreds. Consequently, risk-based vulnerability management is becoming increasingly important in modern IT security strategies.

Risk-based vulnerability management allows organizations to focus their remediation efforts on the most dangerous issues.

The technique of risk-based vulnerability management helps IT security teams determine the possibility of exploiting a vulnerability relative to the value of the affected asset.

Risk-based vulnerability management can help organizations answer questions like “Do I need to patch this system?” and “How soon should I fix it?”

The technique ensures that no money is wasted on risks that are unlikely to have an impact and allows companies to properly prioritize remedial actions.

The report also notes that Prism Platform is a next-generation vulnerability management solution that is modernizing IT security teams. Its robust feature set helps organizations improve remediation from start to finish, including cyber risk management and mitigation.

Global overview

Prism allows users to examine their global threat landscape in real time, making it easy to continuously analyze technology risks. Prism users can track 87 percent more assets than before using the software.

Automatic intelligence on threats

Prism makes it easy to ensure that the risk-based vulnerability management approach is based on intelligence. Prism’s industry-leading daily exploit detection alerts users as soon as an exploit for a vulnerability in an organization’s digital asset becomes available.

Perspectives & Reports

To ensure users are always aware of the status of their risk-based vulnerability strategy,…


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