A Russian court has imposed a fine amazon inc AMZN-in possession Pull out Streaming service and Chinese short video app tick tock for non-compliance with censorship regulations, the Russian news agency Interfax reported on Tuesday.

What happened: Twitch Interactive video streaming service and Wikimedia Foundation face a fine of up to 4 million rubles each for refusing to remove an interview with a Ukrainian political figure on the grounds that it “false information about the special operation in Ukraine.”

Separately, the World Court of the Tagansky District in Moscow fined TikTok 3 million rubles for failing to remove prohibited content involving LGBT propaganda among minors, another Interfax report said.

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A representative of TikTok, owned by ByteDance, asked the court to drop the case.

The charges against TikTok were based on the dictates of the communications authority Roskomnadzor against the promotion of non-traditional sexual values, LGTB videos, feminism and a distorted display of traditional sexual values, the Russian news agency said.

Why it matters: Since 2021, major tech companies have faced the wrath of Russian authorities for refusing to remove content banned in the country, Interfax said.

Metaplatforms Inc. META and alphabet inc‘s WELL Google Google have so far fined about 2 billion rubles and 28.9 billion rubles respectively for violating censorship norms, she added.

Meta is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia and banned, the report said.


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