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Saifedean Ammous on knowledge entrepreneurship

Saifedean Ammous is a knowledge entrepreneur. He created new knowledge that customers value because it can help them think better and better guide their actions. He carefully evaluated the knowledge provided by the great thinkers of the past and re-presented it in a new and compelling way. He developed effective memes and ideas. He innovated in channels and distribution. He showed how knowledge entrepreneurship can play a role in the 21st century global interconnected and digitally interconnected economy.He joined Business economics Podcast sharing some of his learning and experience

Key points and feasible insights.

Collect available knowledge and then develop new perspectives.

Saifedean has a degree in economics and engineering, and a bachelor, master, and doctorate degree respectively. level. The knowledge he accumulates is effective for the track of university professors. Then, his spontaneous efforts to accumulate knowledge brought him into Austrian economics and a new perspective: the economics he has learned so far has no meaning, and this system of higher education is best understood as another wrong investment. Most importantly, the regime of higher education has no clients: it does not provide value to clients because this is not its purpose. Since then, Saifedean has followed customer sovereignty and explored paths that customers consider valuable.

Teaching is the production of value.

Saifedean’s first customers were students in his university class. He is able to create value for students by teaching the economics they want to learn, while giving them the option to look at knowledge through his unique perspective. When students participate and say thank you, this is a valuable signal.

A transformative event led to the transition to independent knowledge entrepreneurship.

In Saifedean’s case, the transformative event was Bitcoin, and the study of Bitcoin opened up a deeper understanding of hard currency and low time preferences. He “upgraded” to the Bitcoin standard by withdrawing from academic teaching and turning to entrepreneurial knowledge sharing. The first step is to write and publish a book called Bitcoin Standards (usually published by Wiley), and then leave academia to enjoy the fun of hard currency.

He turned his teaching platform from a university to the Internet, and now he can reach more customers-citizens of the world who want to learn more about Austrian economics and understand Bitcoin and hard currency. How does he know they are outside? They choose by themselves through Saifedean’s twitter feed.

The “factory” for the production and dissemination of knowledge is a website.

A fairly basic website (ie, does not require any technical expertise or equipment that is not available to everyone) is a platform for a new level of knowledge entrepreneurship.exist Safedyne, Customers have been able to:

  • Receive and read book chapters written;
  • Access to online video and audio courses in Austrian economics;
  • Buy books
  • Subscribe to podcasts (he runs like a seminar);
  • A “Complete Central Bank Replacement Package” was found.

Saifedean told us that he has just started, and more knowledge innovations are brewing.

Entrepreneurship method.

This unfolding timeline is a good example of an entrepreneurial approach at work.

  • Start with what you know.
  • Find motivation from what you love.
  • Use available resources.
  • Let partners and customers choose by themselves.
  • Use networks and influencers instead of traditional advertising and marketing to drive expansion.
  • Let the spontaneous order unfold.

In addition, Saifedean connects the Austrian school’s concept of reducing time preference with entrepreneurial success. Low time preference-willingness to save/sacrifice in the short term for long-term benefits-is an important part of the entrepreneurial approach. One of the resources “in the hands” of entrepreneurs is their personal use and allocation of personal time and energy.

A new entrepreneurial era is emerging and flourishing.

exist Bitcoin standard, Saifedean reviewed the 19th and early 20th centuries. This was a period when entrepreneurs carried out technological innovation under the gold standard, bringing us indoor plumbing, electricity, internal combustion engines, airplanes, elevators, and so on. Entrepreneurs can accumulate capital in the form of wealth stored in hard currency to fund their innovations.

He believes that the emerging Bitcoin standard era will give birth to a new entrepreneurial boom, with free software, network access, blockchain and hard currency savings further accelerating.

Our goal is Business economics Become a provider of knowledge and tools for this entrepreneurial wave.

Some knowledge links:

“Knowledge Entrepreneurship”-Our E4B Flow Chart (PDF): Mises.org/E4B_132_PDF


Bitcoin standard (Translated in more than 20 languages): Mises.org/E4B_132_Book1

Principles of Economics: Mises.org/E4B_132_Book2

Fiat Standard: Mises.org/E4B_132_Book3

Saifedean.com’s Twitter: @TheSunshine

Saifedean Ammous’s Twitter: @Team_Ammou

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