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Sanicat is committed to a sustainable development plan

health It has announced its commitment to its sustainable development initiative to commemorate World Environment Day, which is celebrated on June 5 every year.

In the past two years, as part of its 0% plastic-free commitment, the cat litter brand has changed from plastic packaging to fully recyclable and FSC-certified paper bags.

As part of its efforts, Sanicat has agreed to enhance its product portfolio, develop more efficient bedding, and standardize the factory’s bag production volume to reduce any adverse impact on the environment.

Sanicat’s Marketing Manager Mayte Serrano said: “We care about the well-being of the planet. Therefore, we strive to continuously improve our logistics. Our goal is to measure our impact and then continue to improve so that we can improve year after year.

“We can help improve the environment through simple things, such as choosing the right cat litter, not only for our four-legged partners, but also for our four-legged partners. This is where we are developing products and improving what we have already Things to keep in mind when launching a product.”

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