Second World, the play-to-earn game that wants to revolutionize the gaming sector ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Second World, the play-to-earn game that wants to revolutionize the gaming sector ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Second World is already almost a reality, the crypto game will come to light at the end of the year with the idea of revolutionizing the gaming market. Its creators assure that the project is born from observing the shortcomings of play-to-earn games that are already on the market, “in our opinion as experienced gamers, today there is not a single real game in the crypto games sector”, says Carlos Ripoll, CEO of Second World, “Our purpose is to create a real game, based on the success story of other games and adding our improvements. In addition, Second World will never rely solely on crypto, it will depend on our team’s ability to create a great game and really engage our target audience.”

The evolution of the video game world has led to this model. As Ripoll explains, “in the past, you had to go to a video game store to buy a game that cost you €70, you went home and played. Later, came the Fornite model, a free game in which you could buy improvements within it as skins. Today, we have the play-and-earn model, in which the game is free, but you make money playing if you’re good.”

In this new crypto game, users start with an existing city in the real world (randomly distributed) and have as a challenge to collect more places and develop them to their liking to their maximum level of prosperity and wealth. The goal is for players to design their own cities and revalue their price on the marketplace through the purchase and sale and exploitation of NFTs by monetizing in real money the achievements attained.

The project is characterized, in addition to its great objectives in terms of technical quality and gameplay, by the care that has been taken in the selection of the team in charge of its development. The team is made up of great players in the sector with high reputation that have developed well-known video games, 25 in-house people and partners such as Kevuru Games, which designed several seasons of Fornite art, or Cubix, formed by more…


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