SEGA Considers $70 Game Pricing: What’s Driving Video Game Costs?

SEGA Considers $70 Game Pricing: What’s Driving Video Game Costs?


SEGA Group Corporation SGAMY is considering raising game prices to $70 for “next-gen” consoles in the footsteps of industry leaders.

After According to Kotaku, Sega said in its most recent earnings report that the company reviews game prices to determine where raises are appropriate, following the lead of companies like Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. TTWO 2K games and Square Enix Holdings Co.,Ltd. SQNXF.

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As Per In a transcript of the company’s April 28 earnings announcement (via VGC), Sega said, “In the global market, AAA game titles for consoles sold for $59.99 for many years, but in the last year, titles have appeared that… sold for $69.99.”

The company added, “We want to review the prices of stocks that we believe are in line with price increases, while keeping an eye on market conditions.”

The company’s goal is to align its prices with market conditions and the industry trend towards higher prices for blockbuster video games. While recent Sega releases were priced at $60, upcoming games Yakuza and Sonic could be the first to see a price increase.

Notably, the price changes have mostly impacted console games, while PC versions continue to be $10 cheaper. However, given the increasing budgets of AAA games, this price difference is unlikely to remain indefinitely.

Sega’s potential increase in game prices reflects the industry’s rising production costs and signals a broader trend in the market.

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