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Serie A Cagliari recovered two goals, 2-2 draw with Spezia at home-Football

Cagliaris Spezia 2-2 On the first Monday of the postponement of the first day of Serie A in 2021-2022

Cagliari and Spezia each scored two goals and one point in Unipol Domus’ league debut. Gassi and Bastiani deceived Thiago Motta’s team with a double advantage, but Rosso Blu captain João Pedro re-adjusted the game with a brace and finished it boldly. In fact, the second goal came from the guest asking for a free throw in front of Cranio. However, in the previous comeback, the referee really admitted the penalty, and it was the same goal signed by the Brazilian.


Cagliaris Spezia 2-2 Joao Pedro draw again at 66′

Cagliaris Spezia 2-1 Shortened for the host at 62′ Joao Pedro

Cagliaris Spezia 0-2 58-year-old Bastoni plays doubles for Ligurians

Cagliaris Spezia 0-1 At 7’guests have an advantage, a beautiful goal from Gyasi

So eve

Motta: “The team is not an alibi, but we must have a good start” -Although Covid and a short team did not perform well in the preseason, this game still requires courage and confidence. The away game against Cagliari’s Spezia coach Thiago Motta didn’t make any excuses. Liguria had tough conditions in Serie A for the second consecutive season, but the coach was unwilling and unwilling to defend. “It feels good to see what we did this week. It will be a tough game, but we will face it with confidence and a desire to perform well-Motta said.-Cagliari It’s a good team, they saved very well last year, “I look forward to attacking and winning the game, we will do the same thing.” The coach can re-propose the 3-4 used in the Coppa Italia against Pordenone -3, but this form “may change according to the opponent and what we have to do”, Motta said, at the time he still needed experience grafting in the market and the team, he had no doubt. “These will never be Be our excuse. We will never look for excuses. Today we are. We will face Cagliari with confidence and strive to achieve good results. Heat? This is true for everyone, my players are physically good. “

It’s simple:’Nandez was called while he was here. We want mentality and results” -Cagliari froze the market and thought of La Spezia. There are two novelties. The first is about the clarification between Godin and the company. The Uruguayan defender came out of the negotiations and eventually entered the Cagliari 2021-2022 project. The dialogue with Nandez also reopened: the midfielder may leave at any time, but as long as he is in Cagliari, he will be called. And, if the coach wants it, he will play. “Godin is a valuable player and has been in the group-on the eve of the postponement of his debut with Spezia, the head coach Leonardo Semperici explained-the club was clarified and passed both sides Agree with us to move on. It’s an economic issue. He has been with us on the court. Nandez? He clarified, apologized, and he always trains with us: I don’t understand why I shouldn’t use him.” A game in the midfield of the market: “This is a common situation for everyone, even the big players-he explained-both the coach and the club want to build a competitive team. But the club is in this regard. It has spent a lot of money.” This has been a difficult time in recent years. We will play to the necessity, but in the incoming and outgoing operations, we will maintain this goal: to be competitive. However, now, I only think of Spezia. I hope that the team can play the offensive mentality of a glimpse of the preseason. All of this ultimately yielded positive results. “Spezia has a thousand questions, but the coach does not trust: “It is also possible-he explained-difficult situations can also bring extra motivation. I only know that Cagliari will face a valuable team tomorrow. And Tiago Motta, I can say so, because I faced him when he was coaching Genoa and he immediately left his mark on the team’s game. “Technicians don’t focus on training. But the votes are well-known: including De Iola will exclude Pereiro’s use in three quarters. And Nandez can replace Zappa on the right wing. There will also be in the team. Rookie Grassi, but in order to pass the starting lineup, the midfielder must train his legs more. On the tactical level, Semperici explained that he also tried to make Pavoletti With João Pedro in the goal position: “In Pisa-he explained-we made a lot of crosses, but we first need to increase the number of players sent to the area. “.

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