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Seven traditional Russian cuisines you must try

Russia may not be an ideal food destination for many people, but you will be surprised by the variety it offers. You will be surprised by the flavors and important influences from the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Through this article, we have listed seven traditional Russian cuisines that can inspire your taste buds.

So, without further ado, let us delve into this article to learn more about Russian cuisine.

If you like soup, you should try Solyanka. It is a thick soup made from different types of meat. In addition, it has added vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, potatoes and onions. In addition, to decorate it, lemon slices and kimchi are added to bring a sour taste. You will be surprised to find that a bowl of this soup will make you feel full.

In addition, if you don’t like meat, then you can choose fish flavor. So if you are visiting Russia, try this soup. It consists of fish and cucumber pickles.

Dumplings are the staple food of Russia and are also regarded as national dishes. It was born in the 14th century and became a popular food in the country. It’s like a dumpling, with minced meat wrapped in a thin dough. After closing the lid, cook the dumplings in water for a few minutes. The cooking process is simple and popular with travelers and hunters.

Borscht is a famous western dish, usually called beetroot soup. This dish is made with vegetables and meat. In addition, vegetables include beetroot, onions, garlic, cabbage and potatoes. Interestingly, there are multiple versions of the origin of this dish. This dish is also very popular in Ukraine. It is an indispensable dish in Russia, it can be hot or cold.

Another tradition you should try is pizza. It is like a pancake made of wheat, filled with different fillings. It includes, for example, sour cream, caviar, cheese, onions and jam. It is like a crepe, but with a Russian flavor. It is an essential Russian cuisine, you should try it.

Pirozhki is a kind of baked pastry that is very popular in Russia and Ukraine. It is also called pyrizhky or piroshki. The pastry is stuffed with cheese, cabbage, meat and potatoes. It is a nationally famous cake. If you plan to visit Russia, you should try this pastry.

Guriev Kasha is another traditional Russian food. The name of this dish is named after Count Dmitry Guriev, Minister of Finance of Russia. This dish is sweet and made from whole milk or cream and various dried fruits and semolina. If you love sweets, you should try this dish. Kasha is called porridge or porridge. You will see various recipes in kashas.

Vareniki is a popular dish in Russia. It is a Ukrainian dish. It is very popular in southern regions such as Stavropol and Kuban. Vareniki is similar to pelmeni, but has a wider range. In addition, the fillings are mainly vegetables and sweets. Although it is a Ukrainian dish, it has become a popular food in Russian families.

If you visit Russia, these are some traditional Russian foods you should try.Also, make sure you have the appropriate Russian invitation Hold a travel visa before you start traveling. Only a valid visa can visit the country.

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