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Shangzhi post-production scene description: what is the next step for MCU

Katy of Awkwafina and Shaun/Shang-Chi of Simu Liu looked at something in shock, Jon Jon (Ronny Chieng) put his arms around their shoulders and smiled

The faces of Katie and Jon Monk are just like the ones we see at the end of the movie.
Photo: Marvel Studio

Shangqi and the legend of the ten rings Is a Exciting fantasy adventure Full of great characters, stories, conflicts, etc. If it is not a Marvel movie, it will be one of the coolest superhero movies you have ever seen.However, it Yes Marvel movies.It’s set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means it has Post-loan scene Tease where everything is suitable.

If you haven’t seen it Shang-Chi, Run away quickly. Below, we will discuss the final credit sequence and what they mean for the future of the MCU.

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Ok, then Shang-Chi There are two scenes in the credits, one in the middle and one at the end-the standard of the Marvel course. The one in the middle started where the movie stopped. Hisashi (played by Liu Simu) and Katie (played by Okafina) had dinner with their friends because Huang (played by Benedict Huang) asked them to go somewhere place. He asked when and where Shang’s father got the ten rings. He said that it was about a thousand years ago, but he didn’t know where.Meanwhile, the hologram of Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) Still recovering from his infinite glove snapshot Watch with Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), everyone represents a different school of scienceBanner explained the numerator The composition of the ten rings makes them look much older than 1,000 years. Not only that, they are not made of anything known to people on earth. Carol said that she had never encountered such a thing when she encountered aliens during space travel. Wong explained that once they are still used, they will send a signal from the earth. Where to go? we do not know. “Welcome to the circus,” Bruce said as he left with Carol. Wong tells the new Marvel hero to take a break, and they choose karaoke.

The second post-loan scene is played from the end of the movie. Shang mentions that his sister Xia Ling (played by Zhang Meng’er) is dismantling their father’s criminal organization, also known as Shihuan. The scene starts when Xia Ling returns to her room in the compound, you will think she is doing this work. But then Razor Punch (Florian Montenu) told her that the people were waiting, she sat in what looked like a throne and said they had a lot of work to do. When the camera pulled back, we saw Xia Ling and her most trusted partner, including Jon Jon (Ronnie Qian). Then the camera continued to pull back, revealing a brand new ten ring. Now women and men are training together, everything is being upgraded with new technology, and the unique artistic style of summer can be seen everywhere. The last card of “Ten Rings Will Return” tells us that this time, they will be new and improved.

Meng'er Zhang

Xia Ling (played by Zhang Meng’er) is the new leader of Ten Rings.
Photo: Marvel Studio

Let’s discuss the second scenario first, which seems obvious. Xia Ling has always longed for the powerful empire owned by her father—and her brother is destined to inherit it. Now they have no leadership, she decided to take responsibility and reshape it in her modern image. Whether she uses it for good or evil is a big question, but it must be assumed that because she lied to Hisashi on this matter, she might eventually become his opponent in a future single-player adventure.

The first scene is obviously more complicated. The audience should not know what the rings are calling or where/when they come from, but there are some possibilities-but the comics may give us a clue. There, these halos came from a creature named Makluan, an ancient metamorphic race from a distant galaxy. If these rings are indeed summoning them, then the hypothesis may lead to a whole new set of MCU villains (including the most famous Makluan character Fin Fang Foom). One can also imagine that Dark Dwellers, these creatures that were trapped in Talow billions of years ago, have some dragon characteristics with Makluan, and may have some connection with the Lord of the Rings. However, this movie largely implies that the leader of the Dark Dwellers is calling the Lord of the Rings because he can simply feel their power, not because of any direct connection.

Therefore, although there are certainly many possibilities, we dare to guess that what the ring is calling is a new thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, just like the ending scenes in early movies, it may take many years to pay off. What do you think the ring is calling? Where do they come from? And what plans does Xia Ling have for the Ten Rings organization? Please tell us below.

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