Shaquille O’Neal is moving to dismiss the FTX lawsuit

Shaquille O’Neal is moving to dismiss the FTX lawsuit


retired basketball player Shaquille O’Neal denies a lawsuit alleging that he deceived investors FTX Exchange of cryptocurrencies.

What happened: O’Neal’s attorneys allege the documents were improperly served because plaintiff’s attorneys threw them in front of his car as he drove through the gates of his Georgia home. after to Bloomberg.

The lawsuit alleged that several celebrities promoted FTX’s unregistered securities and funneled investors into a Ponzi scheme, including O’Neal.

Despite the plaintiffs’ attorneys make numerous attempts to serve him the complaint at various known addresses in Georgia, Texas and other locations, O’Neal refused to acknowledge receipt of the document. This set it apart from other celebrities who were inducted into and received the suit.

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Why it matters: The plaintiffs’ attorneys reportedly decided to try an alternative method when their trial server received a threatening text message stating that O’Neal resided in the Bahamas.

The attorneys then emailed the lawsuit to O’Neal electronically via social media, arguing that he was clearly aware of the lawsuit since he denied allegations of wrongdoing related to FTX in an interview with CNBC in December. They also noted that electronic service is permissible under Texas law, but the judge rejected that method.

According to the filing filed Monday by O’Neal’s legal department, the plaintiff missed his deadline and failed to comply with legal requirements by throwing the legal papers at O’Neal’s car. Therefore, they asked the judge to dismiss the entire lawsuit against O’Neal.

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