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Signage installed at Cambridge University Museum to explain the “whiteness” of Greek and Roman plaster sculptures — RT UK News

A new anti-racist strategy of the Museum of Classical Archaeology at the University of Cambridge has been labelled “Shameless Catering” because it revealed that it will add a logo to explain the “whiteness” of its Roman and Greek sculptures.

in a action plan Published last month, the university’s classic teachers pointed out that plaster models exhibited in museums and lecture halls give “Misleading impression” of “Lack of diversity” In the ancient world.Faculty and staff clearly decided “Turn problems into opportunities.”

According to the action plan, the college will provide “Improved Information” arrive “Draw attention to the diversity in the cast,” and “The way the colors have been lost and can be restored,” And right “The role of classical sculpture in the history of racism.”

Notice that the student has been recruited to write “New labels and other materials,” The new information panel will be on display later this year. The plan also pointed out that discussions in this area have already begun in 2020.

According to reports, it was in response to a Open the envelope Written in August last year, calling for “Publicly acknowledge the issue of racism” In the classic department, and emphasized “Active anti-racism work is needed” Within the subject.

This open letter was signed by more than 200 students, alumni, and some faculty and staff, and put forward a number of requirements, including “Acknowledge the existence of systemic racism in the classics” And admit “Complicity of racism and white supremacism” By teaching that the Greek and Roman civilizations were “It is said to be the foundation of a superior’Western civilization’.”

An action plan was announced last month, and the faculty and staff have statement that “The idealization of Greece and Rome, and the embedding of this idealization in education, is of great significance in the development of modern Western racism.”

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However, the “Daily Telegraph” reported that academics at the college criticized the action plan — the plan also called for “Content Warning” with “Language review” In the course lectures and reading materials-as “Insanity.”

A staff member who asked not to be named pointed out the opportunity to highlight the diversity of the museum’s 600 Roman and Greek statue plaster models “Will be restricted” – Because they are mainly depictions of Romans and Greeks.

It’s easy to laugh about it, but it’s easy to ignore how extraordinary it is that one of the best humanities in the Western world puts these things on the official seal.

Most social media users agree with this statement, and many Accuse University “Shameless Catering” And in a “Guilt Journey” And the founder of the British Independence Party and Euro-skeptic Alan Skade Call This is an “A world-class joke.”

Some commentators wondered if universities would also have “Explain why bronzes are brown signs,” Others, including journalist Alistair Stewart, asked if anyone needed to have “The properties of marble and/or plaster of Paris” Explain to them that it belongs to a museum or university.

Although a rights organization warned that the strategy “Control Freedom of Speech” Some people defended the signage plan-thinking it was a way to prevent “A potential racist accusation from a falsely angry crowd.”

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