Signs You have Pandemic Stress and How to Heal It, With Mindset Coach Dr. Seku Gathers ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Signs You have Pandemic Stress and How to Heal It, With Mindset Coach Dr. Seku Gathers ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Two years into the pandemic, it is evident that our lives have been irreversibly altered. We have all shared a global experience that has completely changed the way we work, the structure of our family, how we travel, and our general interactions with one another. Additionally, throughout the pandemic, the 24/7 preponderance of news, opinions, and social media discourse has created lasting emotional consequences for us all to manage.

As we work our way out of the worst of the pandemic, many are reporting signs of pandemic-related stress and trauma. According to experts, the mental health effects of the pandemic could be generational, persisting even long after the pandemic ends.

Dr. Seku Gathers, a concierge physician, author, and founder of ConnectMD, sees signs of trauma in people who are having trouble grappling with the realities of what we all experienced.

“A lot of people haven’t really accepted the fact that we will likely have to learn to live with COVID-19,” he says. “They may be accepting it on the surface, but deep down, in the subconscious, they are not there yet.”

Those struggling with pandemic trauma may not even know it. In fact, they may believe that feelings of hopelessness, depression, or anxiety are normal. This is why, as Dr. Gathers mentions, identifying the signs of their presence is the first step in healing from them.

The Signs of Pandemic Trauma

Signs of stress and trauma have been fodder for social media since the global shutdowns in March of 2020. Perhaps it was approached humorously with funny memes and Instagram stories about being locked in the house with your kids and your ex. Maybe the real human anxieties were given serious attention by doctors and experts, with their findings shared wildly to mixed responses.

Whatever the case, stress and anxiety came hand in hand with the pandemic. But how is one to know if they continue to experience (chronic) stress or lasting trauma from this experience?

The signs can vary,…


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