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Silentnight releases “Quiet Donut Pet Bed”

Silentnight announced the launch of the “Quiet Donut Pet Bed”, which aims to create a “calm and anti-anxiety environment” for dogs.

The company said its doughnut bed “helps calm the dog’s anxiety because the shape of the bed matches its nesting instinct.

“Fur on fur” contact is also the key to comforting a dog when it is anxious, because this is what the dog will get from its mother when it is in pain.

The rounded and raised edges are designed to “help dogs “dig holes and feel protected” while sleeping, which in turn can calm their overloaded sensory behaviors and support the neck and spine during sleep, helping to “reduce Muscles and joints are painful, and they may vary from stiffness and anxiety.”

Comfy Group Marketing Director Sally Bonser said: “Many dogs find fireworks and loud noises disturbing, so Campfire Coming soon, we encourage pet owners to consider how to help relieve stress levels at night.

“The donut bed is a very simple but effective way to provide a comfortable shelter for your dog. It is actually very suitable for cats and other small pets (such as rabbits), all of which are easily felt by loud noises. pressure.”

She added: “The cocoon-like nature of the bed makes pets feel at ease, and the’fluffy’ texture of the fabric soothes them.

“There are many other tips and tricks to relieve the pressure of campfire night, so of course we will encourage pet parents to do some research in advance.”

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