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Simple steps to use the raise hand function in a Zoom meeting-use widgets

If you have been working from home or taking classes online, you may be using one of the video calling services- Skyrocket. Sometimes, when you are in a meeting or class, you may need to ask questions or simply say something. If you don’t want to interrupt the ongoing conversation, what would you do? Going back to the offline age, you can raise your hand in this situation. However, you know that you can also do this in an online meeting or course. In this tutorial, I will show you how to raise your hand in Zoom.

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Zoom in and raise your hand

Zoom recently released a “raise hand” feature for its desktop client and mobile applications. The following is how you can use this feature when attending a meeting or course.

On the desktop

If you are attending an online meeting on a PC, the raise hand function is very easy to use. Please follow the steps below to perform this operation on the desktop Zoom client:

1. In the online meeting, click the “Response” option at the bottom of the screen.

2. Then click the “Raise Hand” option in the pop-up window to raise your hand.

After asking the question, you can select the “Response” button again to let go, and then you will see the “Start” option there.

If you want to know why there is an option to start, it is because when you use the “raise hand” feature, all participants will have a raised hand emoji in the upper left corner of the video source, and they know that you have raised your hand.

On Android and iOS

In the Zoom mobile app for iOS or Android, the bottom menu bar is hidden to provide a full-screen view during the meeting. Therefore, you need to tap the phone’s display to open the options. After that, please follow the steps below:

1. During a Zoom call, tap the screen to open the options at the bottom.

2. Then, click the three horizontal dots (more) icon.

3. In the pop-up window, select the “Raise Hand” option.

That’s it! Just like on a PC, you also need to let go. Therefore, select the three horizontal dot icons again, and then click “Lower Hand”.

Reward: Give other reactions

In addition to raising your hand, you can also make other reactions during the meeting. These reactions include applause, heartbeat, etc.

To give any of these reactions, just follow the same steps as above. On the PC, click “Reaction” and select any given emoji. That’s it! Other people in the meeting can see this reaction.

So from now on, if someone says something worthy of praise, don’t forget to applaud silently.

This is all about raising hands in a Zoom meeting. For more such tips and tricks, please stay tuned!

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