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Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff-Organize Your Own Lean

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Sirloin. Using sirloin steak instead of fatter beef like chuck roast or beef stew can create a Crockport beef salad recipe with lower saturated fat, calories, and cholesterol. Beef brisket will become tender and delicious in a crock pot, but you need to pay attention to it so that it does not dry out.

Another advantage of using sirloin is that the gravy is not as greasy as cuts of fatter meat.

Onions and garlic. The flavor base of this salad dressing gravy. I prefer to use white onions, but yellow onions are also fine.

beef soup. This is the basis of the sauce. Don’t forget to save ½ cup to allow the mud to thicken the sauce after it is cooked. Beef broth brings the best flavor to this beef salad dressing recipe, but any broth will do. If you are observing sodium content, use low-sodium broth.

Worcestershire sauce. I like to call it my secret stroganoff ingredient—especially when made in a clay pot. Worcestershire sauce gives the gravy a rich flavor and can withstand slow cooking processes.

Mushroom slices. Let’s start with the variety. I keep this recipe simple and use sliced ​​white mushrooms. However, you can also use cremini (baby portobello’s) to make more delicious mushrooms. To be honest, I found that the type of mushroom is not important because it absorbs the flavor of the sauce.

Now, let’s talk about what size mushroom packaging to use. When I first started making this healthy beef salad recipe, I only used an 8 ounce pack of sliced ​​mushrooms. Over the years, I have increased the number of mushroom slices to 16 ounces to get the perfect number of mushrooms after the recipe is cooked.

Dijon mustard. Stroganoff gets its unique flavor from the Dijon mustard in the sauce. I used extra in this slow cooker recipe because prolonged cooking will weaken the flavor. Two tablespoons make Dijon mustard easily recognizable in the sauce.

Dried dill weed. Dill herb is not an ingredient in classic salad dressing recipes, but it has a place in modern versions, and I think it’s delicious. I only used 1⁄2 teaspoon in this recipe, which is the perfect amount. If you don’t like dried dill grass, then put it aside. If you want to use fresh dill, I recommend using ½ tablespoon and adding it at the end.

corn starch. Cornstarch can quickly make a creamy and smooth sauce, and you don’t need to use too much. Traditional salad dressing recipes made on the stove use flour to thicken the sauce. Nevertheless, cornstarch is another option when making this recipe in earthenware pots because it has a stronger thickening ability than flour. This is also a good choice when you want to keep your sauce gluten-free.

sour cream. Another unique feature of Stroganoff sauce is its creamy taste, and sour cream makes it possible. I prefer to use full-fat sour cream because it is a clean choice. Light sour cream contains preservatives and additives, I don’t want to add it to our food.

Egg noodles. This is a classic noodle with beef salad. Use whole grains to stay healthier.

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