Smack Pet Food and MSAR Service Dogs announce partnership

Smack Pet Food and MSAR Service Dogs announce partnership


WINNIPEG, Manitoba, July 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tasty pet food is pleased to announce its partnership with MSAR Assistance Dogsa Winnipeg-based organization that provides world-class service dogs, working dogs, and therapy dogs to those in need.

MSAR was formed to offer a different type of treatment to returning soldiers suffering from PTSD. It was the first program of its kind in Canada and has helped create a wider awareness of how trained service dogs can help those in need. Their service dogs are trained to help people suffering from a variety of mental and physical illnesses. As the only agency run by First Nations elders, counselors and leaders, MSAR has trainers in 13 countries around the world, including a training school in Israel, with approximately 6,300 service dogs worldwide – 194 of them on assignments in Winnipeg; Their service program is one of the best in the world.

Smack Pet Food has partnered with MSAR to bring their high-quality, all-natural pet food to MSAR’s dogs and cats and donate thousands of free meals to their animals. Smack Pet Food is honored to support the MSAR programs through their food donations and support. You are proud to support this local Winnipeg organization in their incredible work here in Manitoba and around the world.

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Smack Pet Food is a family-owned, Winnipeg-based pet food company founded in 2008. They are Canada’s only 5-star rated raw pet food, formulating and manufacturing premium quality dehydrated raw pet food for dogs and cats.

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