Small company takes on big conglomerates with first-in-class…

Small company takes on big conglomerates with first-in-class…


Great Northern Door Co, a manufacturer of finely handcrafted doors, is pleased to announce that it has now received recognition from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its new DURA-EEZ™ range of composite entry and garage doors. Using a proprietary assembly process, DURA-EEZ™ doors are designed to mimic the timeless appeal of natural wood while utilizing extremely durable materials that require little maintenance or upkeep and offer excellent long-term value.

Savage, Minnesota September 13, 2022 –(

Using a proprietary assembly process pioneered by Jessie Otto and Ty Ostroviak, DURA-EEZ™ doors are engineered to create a timeless, natural wood look. DURA-EEZ™ technology uses extremely durable materials that offer superior performance compared to traditional doors such as steel, fiberglass and wood. And all this with the highest return on investment (ROI) for entrance and garage door systems.

Jessie Otto, CEO of Great Northern Door, said: “As a mother and business leader, I have strived to create a product that not only saves our customers time and money, but also fulfills the aesthetic appeal of any home. This led to a series of strategic conversations that led us to the creation of DURA-EEZ™ and what we knew the market was missing. Over time, steel doors will dent and chalk, and fiberglass and wood doors require consistent maintenance. All of these things take time and money. I knew I wasn’t the only one who wanted to spend more time with my family and less money on maintenance items.”

Resistant to impact, pests and the elements, every DURA-EEZ™ door offers the assurance of extreme durability with minimal maintenance. The DURA-EEZ™ line raises the bar by transforming outdoor living spaces with natural-looking…


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