So would you rather get $45,000 Dogecoin or a brand new Tesla Model 3?

So would you rather get $45,000 Dogecoin or a brand new Tesla Model 3?


Benzinga conducts a survey each week to collect opinions on what traders excite, care about or think about most when managing and building their personal portfolios.

This week we asked over 1,000 people attending Benzinga the following question cryptocurrency Investing: Would You Rather Get $45,000? Dogecoins DOGE/USD or a brand new one Tesla Inc TSLA model 3?

Here are the full results of this week’s poll:

  • Dogecoin worth $45,000: 43.8%
  • Brand new Tesla Model 3: 56.2%

In a relatively split decision, just under 6 in 10 readers said they would prefer the brand new $45,000 Model 3 Dogecoin. A base Model 3 is currently $46,990 in the US.

Dogecoin news this week: Dogecoin is down nearly 2% during Friday’s 24-hour trading session after rising nearly 14% between Tuesday and Thursday. The cryptocurrency sector as a whole has been grappling with rising inflation, rising interest rates and fears of an impending recession since November 2021… Continue reading

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This reader survey was originally conducted by Benzinga in January 2022 and included responses from a diverse population of adults 18 and older.

Participation in the survey was entirely voluntary and no incentives were offered to potential respondents. The study reflects results from over 1,000 adults.


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