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Sofia-Skopje talks restart and make specific recommendations – EURACTIV.com

The Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zayev is visiting Sofia to put forward specific proposals to end his country’s impasse in the EU integration process. Bulgarian Prime Minister Stefan Yanev announced that he will conduct in-depth discussions in the next few days.

Zaev is trying to deepen the bilateral dialogue to find a way Overcome the current deadlock North Macedonia begins negotiations to join the European Union, Before the EU leaders’ meeting from June 24 to 25.

“I hope that in order to find a solution, the atmosphere of trust and mutual respect will continue, because the European perspective of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Western Balkans is in the interests of Bulgaria, the region, and the EU as a whole,” said Bulgarian Prime Minister Stefan Jane The husband said after meeting with Zayev.

“But all of this must be within the rules, and we must first solve the problem internally, so as not to leave unresolved problems in the European family,” he added.

The two discussed possible solutions to the problem, including specific deadlines and solutions to historical disputes. Zayev commented that the issue between the two countries is “not impossible to resolve” as long as the decision is in the interests of both parties.

“We have no choice. We believe in European values,” Zayev said, calling on the people of North Macedonia and Bulgaria to maintain good-neighborly relations.

“We currently have the opportunity to work hard to find a solution. Our goal is to focus on trust, friendship and open dialogue,” Yanev replied.

Earlier in the day, Zayev met with former Bulgarian Prime Minister Bojko Borisov, who tried to shift responsibility for Bulgaria’s position on Skopje to the current government. The Borisov government exercised its veto power against North Macedonia in December. (Krasenikolov | EURACTIV.bg)

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