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Spend a very happy Christmas with Cartier’s art of living

Picture: Cartier

Cartier’s Art de Vivre home series ushered in a festive update. Cartier’s special wish list is festive, playful and precious. It is the perfect gift for yourself and your home.

Panthère de Cartier series

Cartier Art of Life Series
Picture: Cartier

this houses The black panther is depicted between two cypress trees, faithful to the original design of the necessities given to Jeanne Toussaint by Louis Cartier in 1917.

This pattern has become a part of Cartier’s history and runs through the entire series to create exquisite interior decorations. The series includes paper matchboxes, wooden lacquered checkerboards with golden finishes, two-tone pillows and blankets in merino wool and cashmere, available in red, blue and beige.

Cartier Diabolo Series

Cartier Living Diabolo Art Series
Picture: Cartier

Accessories to carry with you The previous version of the Art de Vivre series A very festive update has been received. These items have new colors, materials and new functions.

The series includes a gold-coated glass snowball dedicated to black panthers, a set of puzzles in which Cartier waiters are chased by black panthers, and several Christmas ornaments made of glass and porcelain, tied with red ribbons.

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