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S’pore startup treatsure co-creates pop-up store to tackle food waste

In a bid to encourage zero food waste and shed light on the problem of food surplus, Stellar Lifestyle, treatsureand DBS Foundation launched ‘ZERO by treatsure’.

ZERO is both a business arm of Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) and treatsure, Singapore’s mobile app for surplus food from hotels and grocers.

This pop-up store is located at the Stellar@TE2 retail zone of Woodlands MRT station, and is the first of its kind within Singapore’s rail transit network to blend sustainability education with retail innovation to promote zero food waste.

ZERO is open daily from 7am to 10pm until 31 July 2022, following which, it will move to Esplanade MRT station from 1 August to 30 September 2022.

Shopping with a sustainable mindset

The key highlight of the ZERO space is its novel offline-to-online shopping experience that allows the public a hassle-free way to buy surplus groceries on the treatsure app at discounted prices.

Simply scan the QR code under the product / Image Credit: Stellar Lifestyle

Commuters simply have to scan QR codes on a three-dimensional (3D) designed wall that resembles a supermarket shelf, purchase their groceries on their phone, and arrange for delivery to their homes. Alternatively, they can pick up their purchases at the ZERO installation .

treatsure’s ZERO space categorises food items according to common sources of food wastage: expiring, imperfect, and excess. This displays a different perspective to grocery shopping, allowing consumers to learn more about real-world statistics on food wastage and the challenges.

zero by treatsure
Range of surplus groceries with QR codes / Image Credit: Stellar Lifestyle

Additionally, ZERO also introduces the public to other sustainability concepts. The sustainable food and merchandise section presents a range of zero-waste alternatives consumers can consider as part of their consumption.

These products include beeswax wraps, home composting bins, plant-based milk and upcycled drinks from surplus ingredients. Upcycled chopstick furniture and products from zero-waste partner ChopValue Singapore are also featured in this mini exhibition.

Together, Stellar Lifestyle, treatsure, and DBS Foundation hope to bring a greater awareness of zero food waste to the public, as well as drive positive change in support of the SG Green Plan.

Featured Image Credit: Stellar Lifestyle

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