SportsTech Platform Train Effective raises £300k in Seed Round ~ Prodigy Press Wire

SportsTech Platform Train Effective raises £300k in Seed Round ~ Prodigy Press Wire


Train Effective, a world-class football (soccer) academy in your pocket, has raised £300,000 from over 250 investors in a seed round through the UK’s largest crowdfunding platform.

  • £300k raised in seed round through crowdfunding

  • Funding will be used to drive app growth – already 500k users signed up

  • Mission is to help millions of players reach their full potential

With more than 500,000 players already signed up on the platform since launching in spring 2019, Train Effective is democratising access to elite football (soccer) coaching around the world.

The digital sports training app features masterclasses by Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand as well as Premier League experts and is used by players in over 150 countries.

As a mobile app, the platform can be used anywhere, anytime, and by players of all kinds of levels, from amateur to pro. Using a holistic approach, it enables users to develop their technique, improve their fitness, enhance their tactical understanding and strengthen their mentality.

The app is tackling the problem that millions of young players lack access to quality professional coaching and football education. There are about 300 million football players worldwide, but elite coaching is reserved for a tiny percentage of those in academies or professional environments.

Train Effective has amassed over 2 Million followers on social media and is building a strong global community of people chasing their dreams in sports. On TikTok alone, the brand has 1.8 Million fans.

Founder and CEO, Nick Humphries, saw crowdfunding as a great way to use the power of community to drive the growth of Train Effective.

Nick said: “This is an exciting time in the evolution of Train Effective. By bringing our biggest fans on the journey with us as shareholders, we will be stronger than ever to help every footballer reach their full potential.”

New investors this round include a C-level executive of a Silicon Valley unicorn, pro football…

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