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Street Paws launches new Christmas gift box

Street Claw Announced the launch of a new Christmas gift box partnership With Brewdog and Derpy Dog.

The charity operates in the northern region U.K, To provide support and veterinary care for the homeless and their dogs.

It said that the latest “I Believe in Santa’s Paw” box will enable customers to “spread some cheers at home and support pets in need.”

These boxes cost £30 and are available in small, medium and large sizes, depending on the collar size your dog needs.

Each box contains a handmade Derpy Dog collar, a 50g can of Street Paws Paws Paw and Nose Balm, a Street Paws printed dog snack bag and a bag of Brewskis biscuits.

Street Paws recently partnered with Brewdog to raise funds for Brewskis biscuits, which are made from waste grains from the brewing process.

For every gift box sold, a £15 welcome pack containing a collar, bowl and other items is given to the homeless and their pets.

Michelle Southern, founder of the Street Paws charity, said: “These boxes are lovely gifts for the dog in your life this Christmas, and you should know when you buy that every box you sell will give you Stray dogs and their owners are a treat.”

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