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Surprising Laggards in 2021: Amazon-The Big Picture

Perhaps the most overlooked story in 2021 is Amazon’s poor stock market performance. This year, the giant has risen only 2.4%. Among its closest large competitors, Apple rose 34.7%, Tesla rose 49.8%, Microsoft rose 52.5%, and Google rose 65.2%.

Compared with its peers, an increase of 2.4% looks like a loss.

In addition to the stock price, Amazon has also had a difficult year. In 2020, the company stood up to the challenge of the pandemic, demonstrating its logistics expertise, the magic of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the strength of its founder/CEO. In 2021, much of the brilliance on Amazon has disappeared:

-Jeff Bezos resigns as CEO
-Amazon has lost its status as the lowest cost retailer;
-Advertisers appear to have invaded the site;
-3rd party sellers increase the supervision problem;
-Brad Stone Amazon is not bound Reveals some less attractive aspects of the company (Pods are here)

But all this is in hindsight.

The simple market fact is this: After the company’s unstoppable ten years, Amazon’s stock price has risen by 1830%, bringing the company’s market value to $1.6 trillion, and Amazon has stumbled.

This may be the most overlooked and underestimated story in 2021…

A similar chart showing the top 5 market caps

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