Susumi Coin Launches IDO on the P2PB2B Crypto Exchange ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Susumi Coin Launches IDO on the P2PB2B Crypto Exchange ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Susumi, a platform to facilitate crowdfunding through blockchain, launched the IDO for the native coin, $SUSU, on the P2PB2B Crypto Exchange. Given the creative idea, an all-encompassing ecosystem, unlimited rewards, and user-oriented features, Susumi will be the next big thing in the blockchain industry.

Traditional Susu has been an excellent social finance model enabling individuals to raise bulk sums of money through their network of friends. Whilst conventional crowdfunding has also opened up a new financial solution for projects and even individuals. But, both systems have severe limitations. The issues of trust and good record-keeping can affect the practice of Susu and as good as it is, the facts are that up to 80% of conventional crowdfunding campaigns fail to meet their goals.

This is where Susumi, a decentralized app (dApp), comes into the picture to help eliminate the problems encountered by both the traditional Susu and the conventional crowdfunding methods by allowing people to quickly raise funds in a secure and transparent manner with a greater likelihood of success for campaigns.

So, where there is a need to raise money through a network of friends, contacts, or within a community, Susumi would be the perfect platform to crowdfund the project.

During the IDO (Initial Dex Offering) starting on June 15, 2022, investors can acquire the $SUSU token at a low price and sell it at a substantial profit once the token is listed. They can purchase $SUSU on the P2PB2B exchange at a price of $0.003 today in a simple process using their Metamask Wallet. Alternatively, they can register and create a wallet directly on the Susumi App and buy Tokens directly into a Susumi Wallet.

The Crowdsale period ends on August 1 and full trading of the Tokens will commence. Investing now in $SUSU Coin gives the option to gain multiple times the investment when Susumi Coin lists as there will be great demand for this Coin. So, don’t miss out on this great opportunity!


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