Taipei Says ‘Prepare for War’ as China Holds Live-Fire Drills in…

Taipei Says ‘Prepare for War’ as China Holds Live-Fire Drills in…


Xi JinpingThe Taiwan Army reportedly launched unprecedented live firearms military drills in six areas encircling Taiwan on Thursday.

What happened: The Eastern Theater Command of China People’s Liberation Army (PLA) conducted long-range live firearm shooting training in the Strait of Taiwan, state media CGTN reported on Thursday.

According to the report, it also conducted precision strikes on specific areas in the eastern part of the Taiwan Strait.

“Six major areas around the island have been selected for this actual combat exercise, and during this time relevant ships and aircraft should not enter the relevant waters and airspace,” she added.

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China’s exercises on one of the busiest international waterways and air routes are “irresponsible, illegitimate behavior,” Taiwan said Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said.

“That Ministry of National Defence stresses that it will uphold the principle of preparing for war without war and with an attitude, not escalating conflicts and not causing disputes,” it said in a statement AFP.

Why it matters: The exercises come one day after US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosis visited Taiwan, where Beijing claims sovereignty, and angered the Chinese government.

The self-governing island reiterated that the exercises violate United Nations rules, invade Taiwan’s sovereign territory and directly challenge free air and sea navigation.

Meanwhile, a Taiwanese cabinet spokesman said that for the second time since Pelosi’s visit, the websites of the Defense Ministry, State Department and the President’s Office have been hacked.

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