Take This Job And Push It… Why 4.4 Million Americans From…

Take This Job And Push It… Why 4.4 Million Americans From…


Country songwriter Johnny Paycheck’s song Take this job and push it (1977) is still a loud echo for over 4.4 million Americans who decided to quit their jobs in September 2021; Creation of what has come to be known as the “Great Resignation of 2021 or GRS2 (2022). Paycheck brilliantly paints the background of the conversation he is about to share with his boss in the song. One of the verses of the song reads:

“Well, the foreman, he’s a regular dog
The line boss, he’s an idiot
Got a brand new flattop haircut,
God, he thinks he’s cool…”

The words, written 45 years ago, represent a major reason why many have chosen to quit their jobs. They could no longer work for their current manager or their company. This is how many layoffs (layoffs) exceed pre-pandemic “layoffs” in the last six months as the company struggles to find workers to fill vacancies. So what is the real explanation? A lack of respect, trust and concern for the welfare of employees caused this crisis, not the COVID-19 pandemic. As Felix Richer stated in his article, The Great Resignation: Why 4.4 million Americans gave up their jobs in September “A key driver seems to be that many workers are no longer willing to accept the working conditions and wages that were accepted before the pandemic.”

Essentially, the pandemic has forced millions of people out of work or into remote working situations. As a result, many remote workers realized they were more productive and felt more connected to their families. Let’s examine a few myths often cited by bosses:

1. The pandemic caused the great resignation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for November 2021, “Job vacancies fell to 10.6 million on the last business day of November. US new hires were little changed at 6.7 million and the total number of breakups rose to 6.3 million. However, the number of terminations rose to a series high of 4.5 million (+370,000) in November. The dropout rate rose to 3.0…


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