Tech Troll: 3 Hilarious iPhone and Chrome Pranks That Will Crush Your…

Tech Troll: 3 Hilarious iPhone and Chrome Pranks That Will Crush Your…


Want to up your tech game and have fun at someone else’s expense? Here are three tech pranks that will make you either the ultimate prankster or the most hated person in the room.

What happened: Popular tech YouTuber Arun Mainibetter known as MrWhoseTheBossshared the ultimate prankster video — and it might make you the talk of the town.

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Here are three pranks MrWhoseTheBoss mentions in his video:

Prank I: Embarrassing automation

Take your friends’ or siblings’ iPhones with you. Go into the Shortcuts app and set up a weird or embarrassing automation alarm to make the smartphone speak when the battery reaches a certain percentage.

Unless they’re too tech-savvy, it’ll take them forever to figure out why their iPhone is making that noise — especially annoying in public places.

Prank II: AirDrop to make friends

Long train, bus or plane journeys can be filled with boredom. So try using AirDrop to share your favorite memes with strangers. They won’t accept it, but they will be able to see it. If these strangers accept your meme AirDrop – well, you just found a friend for life.

Prank III: John Cena in the house

This prank might work especially well for office mates. Just download Cenafy Chrome Extension on your friend’s system. After that, every time they search for something on the platform, there is a one in 100 chance that a John Cena instead of the expected content, a video appears on their screen – and with blaring music too.

Check out the above pranks in action below:

At the time of writing, the video has been viewed by more than 23 million people. MrWhoseTheBoss currently has 14.1 million subscribers on YouTube. He previously shared five brilliant (slightly sneaky) tech hacks to help users deserves the crown of…


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