Telesales-friendly senior life lucrative for agents

Telesales-friendly senior life lucrative for agents


Over the past two years, end-cost telesales has evolved into an extremely lucrative career for those seeking the freedom and independence to work on their own time and schedule. The Senior Life Insurance Company, family owned and operated, is proud to offer agents a telesales opportunity.

“One minute you’re helping someone in California, the next minute Alabama. You are not limited by time or distance! Every household across the country is in your backyard now,” shares longtime Senior Life Agent Blake Love.

“Telesales allows us to speak to customers over the phone without having to spend money on travel expenses. When you’re willing to get involved, your earning potential is only limited by the limits you set for yourself. With our easy agent onboarding system, licensed agents can start selling Senior Life the same day,” said Robert Jones, Director of Licensing.

Ron Powell, CEO and President shares that agents have all the tools they need at their fingertips. “When it comes to our technology, our partner health coverage, our lifetime renewals and the highest commission in the industry, no other company can match. Here at Senior Life you will be paid exactly what you are worth and no one can hold you back.”

Senior Life offers a seamless process for telesales agents. From onboarding to leads to a proven sales system, the overall package is evident. Scott Hairson, Director of Direct Sales, says: “With gas prices at an all-time high and inflation rising, put on your headset and make the calls so you don’t have to drive.”

For more information about the Senior Life Insurance Company telesales opportunity, please contact us directly at (866) 716-9925 or [email protected].

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