Tesla Model 3 Long Range Returns With $10,000 Price Cut – Tesla…

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Returns With $10,000 Price Cut – Tesla…


EV giant Tesla Inc TSLA has resumed taking orders for its Model 3 Long Range in the United States after an eight-month hiatus.

What happened: The Tesla Model 3 Long Range is available to order now on Tesla’s website for $47,240, with deliveries expected in June.

The vehicle previously cost $57,990, accordingly electrindicating a fall of 18.5% since the last pricing before the order halt.

Longer waiting time: The Long Range has a longer wait than the Model 3 rear-wheel drive and Performance versions, both of which will ship in May itself, according to the website.

The Long Range is only eligible for a $3,750 tax credit like rear-wheel drive, possibly because of the batteries not made in the USA. However, the Model 3 Performance is eligible for a $7,500 tax credit.

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Why it matters: Tesla stopped taking Model 3 Long Range orders in August. The website then revealed that the car would be available in 2023.

Musk had given a long waiting list as the reason for the break. “Will be activated again when we ramp up production,” he had said.

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