Tesla, Inc. TSLA chairman Elon Musk is a hands-on leader who often responds promptly to customer complaints via Twitter. What happened: Musk recently took to Twitter to reaffirm his commitment to good service.

“Note that I personally put a lot of time into evolving the Tesla service to make it great,” the billionaire said.

“Hopefully Tesla owners start to feel this,” he added.

His testimony came in response to a customer complaint about a postponed appointment at Tesla’s behest. A user who went by the Twitter handle @austinhinson_ shared that his service was rescheduled within 24 hours of an appointment scheduled two weeks earlier.

He noted that Tesla charges $100 if users change an appointment from their end within 24 hours of the scheduled time. “Service needs to be addressed,” he added.

In response to the issue raised, Musk said, “You’re right, we should give Tesla owners a $100 credit for changing appointments with less than 24 hours in advance.” Should be mutual.”

He also said Tesla North America aims for same-hour service for more than 50% of complaints.


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