Texan Cleaners Announces New Service Price Packages ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Texan Cleaners Announces New Service Price Packages ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Texan Cleaners has been offering professional residential cleaning services in Austin and San Antonio for several years. The company has recently announced new service price packages to help customers who wish to hire professional cleaners on a budget. This 5-star rated company employs only qualified cleaners, and these cleaners also undergo regular training in the residential and commercial cleaning processes. The company also invests in state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and materials to offer impeccable on-the-job cleaning. Texan Cleaners takes pride in its team which constantly strives to work towards 100% customer satisfaction. Apart from being trained cleaners, they are fully competent to perform any kind of cleaning task, they are punctual and customer-oriented.

Texan Cleaners is a professional company offering residential cleaning services in Austin and San Antonio in Texas.
Texan Cleaners

The team is one of the major reasons why many customers prefer to continue doing business with Texan Cleaners. The expert cleaners have received numerous five-star reviews and the company has received plenty of referrals merely through word of mouth. The company offers a wide range of commercial and residential cleaning services. One of the most popular is the carpet cleaning services. Carpeted floors are indeed beautiful and add a lot of functionality to the living spaces. But over a period of time, they tend to lose their charm. And if there are pets and children at home, these carpets are subject to staining, grime, dust, etc.

Texan Cleaners offers professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services. No matter how challenging a stain might be or how much dirt it has accumulated over the years, these expert carpet cleaners in Austin offer impeccable cleaning followed by steaming, sanitizing, and killing the bacteria. The company is also known for its air duct cleaning services. Air ducts need to be cleaned regularly to keep the central HVAC systems in perfect condition and to stop the allergies due to impure air particles, mold, and mites accumulated in these ducts.

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