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Texas Republicans say the best way to deal with climate change is to “turn on the damn air conditioner”

Wayne Christian will not watch the world burn here.

Whether you think climate change or global warming is more relevant, one thing is clear: man-driven environmental disasters are very real and will only get worse.The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a Truly catastrophic report At the beginning of August. In it, scientists irrefutably explain that the atmosphere of our planet is now hotter than before humans figured out how to burn everything in the name of progress.It illustrates the urgent need of our civilization Move faster to green energy, Even if our time is running out.

TonThe Texas Railroad Commissioner’s job includes overseeing oil and gas drilling and transportation in Lone Star State. Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian has some ideas on how to solve this problem.according to Bloomberg, This is what Commissioner Christian said to the audience at the NAPE Summit in Houston, An energy industry event“Instead of spending 78 trillion US dollars, shut down industries around the world, prevent third world countries from owning coal-fired power generation and all kinds of things-turn on the damn air conditioner. It’s that simple.”

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