The Acrylic Path to Abstraction by David Marchi

The Acrylic Path to Abstraction by David Marchi


Oakland, CA, USA – Acquired Savant Syndrome affects approximately 1 in 10 million people. It is usually caused by brain trauma or a chromosomal abnormality. There are different forms of this disease. In most cases, the effects are temporary. However, some people with acquired savant syndrome may have symptoms for the rest of their lives. One of the hallmarks of this condition is the ability to draw and paint complex pictures with seemingly no effort.

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The artist David J. Marchi was inspired by the late Dr. Darold Trittt is diagnosed with a rare condition known as Acquired Savant Syndrome. Marchi says his condition was caused by the trauma he suffered in his boating accident. After the incident, Marchi began having vivid color dreams. When he woke up, he would sketch on paper the scenes he saw in his dreams. The vitality of these visions inspired his work.

Most people with acquired savant syndrome have a normal level of intelligence. However, they can also suffer from learning difficulties. Some of them may also have attention deficit disorder. according to dr Darold Schlagt, Marchi’s condition is a form of acquired savantism. He says Marchi’s condition is an extreme case of savantism. He describes Marchi as an “extreme scholar”.

Today his paintings are in collections worldwide and he is actively involved in the human rights campaign and supports the Born This Way Foundation. Through abstract art, he can show the beauty of the human spirit.

Marchi’s memory and perception allow him to remember the details of his dreams. Then he sketches their scenes on paper. Once he has finished the drawings, he paints the pictures with acrylic paints. Marchi says he sees colors vividly in his head before creating the images. He believes he has lost the sensitivity in his hands and back that normally limits his abilities. This lack of sensation gives him greater freedom to create without restriction.

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