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The Best Gifts for Children 8 and Over in 2021: Holiday Gift Guide

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The Best Gifts for Children 8 and Over in 2021: Holiday Gift Guide

For older children from 8 to tween, parents know that children at this age may be attracted by the games they liked four years ago, or are ready to solve some very advanced problems. This group of children is on a case-by-case basis (#IYKYK).

That’s why we don’t focus on one type of gift-it’s really cool for children nowadays, they use their creativity and wisdom to surprise us every day, so why should US Do you not “bring” when choosing a gift? !

Here are 7 things worth considering:

The problem of the rebellious girl

Although the Rebel Girls series encourages girls to know that they can achieve their dreams/goals by reading about amazing women, I personally want my sons to read this book. This book shares an introduction and introduces extraordinary women in history, allowing readers to answer questions and be inspired. At the same time, they will think about these issues, imagine what they would do in similar situations, or discuss with their peers or family members. Over 6 years old, $9.99, rebelgirls.com

YuMe among us

Kids love plush toys, these comfortable pillow styles from the popular online multiplayer game “Among Us” are perfect for your teenagers! This plush is made of super soft Velboa fabric, very soft, yes, you can squeeze it. Each plush is sold separately and is 16 inches tall. Over 3 years old, USD 24.98, Walmart.com

Pokemon 25th Anniversary Celebration Elite Trainer Box

If your kids love Pokemon, then you know that Pokemon is available 24/7 for fans of Pikachu and Mew, just to name a few.this Anniversary Celebration Elite Coach Box includes 10 Pokémon TCG: Celebrations 4 card booster pack, Five additional Pokémon TCG booster packs, A special flash card featuring Greninja, 65 card holders with Pokémon 25 logo and lightning tail design, 45 Pokémon TCG energy cards, etc. Your child will love this training box. Over 6 years old, $93, Amazon.com

Beetle classification paint by number banner

If one of your goals is less screen time and more art, this banner kit includes unique die-cut cards printed on 100% cardboard. There are six sections of the Beetle Encyclopedia. Not only will your artist know the name of each bug, but you can also draw these cards and have miniature artwork to save or frame by you. Over 13 years old, $44, Nathanandco.com.

Artie Max programming robot

STEM gifts can’t go wrong, this Artie Max is perfect for beginners and professional coders. Learning to code can be scary, but with Artie Max, robots can use 6 main coding languages ​​to help kids code creatively. Artie Max can be directly connected to your child’s tablet, mobile phone, iPad or home computer, and immediately start learning to code. 8-12 years old, $109.99, educationinsights.com.

Ghost game

Tweens likes weird games, so we gave up and added GHOSTED, a Boo-Dunnit game. You and your players can help your restless spirit search and determine who wants your ghost. Over 10 years old, 16 years old, Target.com.

Sphere Dj style headphones

If you wear headphones like crazy, you will love these wired dj-style headphones with microphones. The price of $5 won’t break the band, so buy one for each family member. This headset has a built-in microphone, comfortable ear cushions and an adjustable headband. Compatible with iPhone®, iPad®, Samsung Galaxy®, android™ smartphones, tablets and other 3.5 mm audio devices. 5 USD, Fivebelow.com.

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