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The best lululemon leggings (for every activity!)

We have tested each style of Lululemon leggings (suitable for exercise and daily wear!) and collected all our favorites.

Keep reading our recommendations The best Lululemon leggings And the first choice for different activities!

This article was updated on September 24, 2021, with the latest news from lululemon Women’s leggings styles.

These comments are recognized through sweat exercise, and Leggings We chose the daily necessities that we really recommend, love and wear, whether in activities or in daily life.

Our tights size

  • plum (5’7″): Jeans size: 27/28 – lululemon leggings size: 6
  • Lei (5 feet 3 inches): Jeans size: 25 – lululemon leggings size: 4
  • Emily (5 feet 9 inches): Jeans size: 28 – lululemon leggings size: 6 (pregnancy and early postpartum size 8)

Best Women’s Lululemon Tights

After trying every pair Lululemon leggings, We have collected our top 5 favorites. Each pair of leggings is suitable for all occasions, from comfortable leisure to high-perspiration sports such as yoga and running.

  1. Alignment Leggings -We like yoga and daily wear (and pregnancy!)
  2. Wonder Under Leggings – We like yoga and HIIT exercise
  3. Instillation Leggings – We like walking and daily wear
  4. Leggings of the Magic Train – We like HIIT exercise
  5. Leggings of Vitality – We like outdoor running

Alignment Leggings

this Align leggings It has been a favorite of Linley and Emily for many years. We really like the creamy soft fabric and high-waisted version. No matter what activity you are engaged in, you can move as you want, especially suitable for yoga and lying directly.

this Align the leggings with the pockets as well as Waist folds aligned It is also an interesting addition to this series😀 We definitely have every variety.

Woman wearing align leggings

The best leggings for pregnancy

Aligning tights to get pregnant: Em lives in Align leggings Throughout her pregnancy with Bode. She likes that this fabric is particularly elastic to fit her growing belly. Em zoomed in Align In the last few months of her pregnancy and after delivery.

Woman wearing snapped leggings with pockets

Wonder Under Leggings

Miracle underwear From the beginning, it has become Lee’s first choice Lululemon leggings. She likes that the fabrics are more organized, have very few seams, and most importantly, they will not fall off during high-intensity exercise.

In addition, these come in many different lengths, which makes them suitable for any season. Miracle underwear There are also two different fabrics-we both like them. Here are the differences:

Wunder type under fabric leggings

  • Miracles under Luon: lululemon’s OG fabric-it has a super cotton soft feel while still supporting.
  • The miracle under Luxtreme: This fabric has a cool and smooth feel to the touch. It is supportive, but slightly lighter than luon fabric.
Woman wearing wunder under tights

Instillation Leggings

this Instill leggings Is Em’s new favorite! The combination of buttery soft fabrics and attractive lines makes these leggings not only suitable for exercise, but also for daily wear.

Oh, we also like these inner pockets on the back Instill leggings Bring your key or credit card!

Woman in tights

Leggings of the Magic Train

this Magic train The fit is very similar to Wunder Under leggings, but the fabric feels closer to Align leggings. In addition, there is a nice little drawstring inside the top seam, which makes it ideal for high-intensity workouts when you need a little extra umpf support.

The length of wunder train leggings

Woman wearing wunder train leggings and sports bra

Leggings of Vitality

this Vibrant leggings Is one of lei’s new favorites! She likes that this fabric provides more structure and supports high-intensity sweating exercises. Oh, the side pockets are perfect for carrying small items such as mobile phones, credit cards or keys.

We like these too Vibrant leggings There are many lengths to choose from, not only for height, but also for the weather!

The length of the vitality leggings

Woman wearing vitality leggings and tie-dye vest

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by lululemon. We are compensated, and all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting Fit Foodie Finds!

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