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The best strategy right now

SIRC “Weekend Trader” Trading and Analysis: Key Takeaways…

  • SIRC is a perfect Examples of why you should study weekend trader strategies.
  • Weekend trader setups can outperform the entire market when the indicators are aligned.
  • Tuesday’s SIRC price action confirmed that this is my best performing strategy at the moment.


i just had other Weekend winner. For me, the weekend trader strategy works better than any other strategy right now.

Congrats to anyone trading it. But also huge congratulations to anyone who witnessed it and learned from it. your education In the long run, that’s what matters.

Let’s review the setup and my transaction…

Weekend Trader’s Trade Review: Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation (OTCPK:SIRC)

SIRC’s strength on Tuesday is crazy. The Dow closed down 543 points on the day, the Nasdaq fell 2.6% and the SIRC surged 42%.

Check out the SIRC chart showing me entering on Friday and exiting on Tuesday…

SIRC Chart: Weekend traders, first green day gap, January 14-17 (Source:

Yes, I sold it when the market opened…too fast. I made about 10%. Why did it sell so quickly? I was intimidated by the whole market. Three-quarters of stocks followed the market. Apparently, SIRC didn’t — it moved on.

At one point, when prices were nearing Friday’s highs, I sounded a second alert. Based on the overall market, I thought that would be the top, but it blew through it. Not only did I underestimate it in my sell, but also in my follow-up review.

This is an good question have. On a bad day across the market, my pick of weekend traders is one of the top performers. And I don’t mind locking in 10% safely when the overall market falls sharply.That’s how I trade, there’s nothing wrong with making $1,150 all weekend.

Lessons from SIRC Weekend Trader Play

Review transactions is one of the best ways to improve performance. I review each trade to learn lessons and gain a better understanding of the current market.

In hindsight, I should have gotten bigger and held it longer. But price action is a great example of opportunity…

Weekend Trader: Flush and Repeat Strategies

Tim Sykes and Kyle Williams on Laptops
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I have reformed $7.3 million in my trading career. weekend deals is one of my top strategies. I’ve personally made tens of thousands using it. I used this strategy to get my first six-figure win in college.View my ISCO transactions here and…

Read it in my bestseller”US hedge fund. “It’s on me. All you have to do is enter your email address. (Yes, I send emails with valuable content. If you don’t gain valuable knowledge, you can always unsubscribe.)

This is not an exact science and my weekend trading strategy is not 100% effective. But now it works just fine.

The $1,150 prize is paltry, which is crazy… meager …I could have done it if I had been more aggressive.I have no complaints – I live a full life Donate 100% of my trading profits to charity.

I am proud to act safely.but I more Proudly, out of thousands of stocks, I picked one of the biggest winners in the entire market.

Weekend Trader Catalyst: Watch Company Press Releases

Friday’s spike was in the company solid earnings news

(Source: Company Update via Accesswire)

When I bought it last Friday, SIRC was in morning peak. Then why buy it?because Earnings report is solid. It has largely held on to gains and has a multi-day history of surging.

Weekend Trader Insights: What More CEOs and Company Presidents Should Do

I admit to being lucky with Tuesday’s premarket press release catalyst

(Source: Company Update via Accesswire)

Tuesday morning Acquisition press release great. I have to support the CEO and company president to ensure job stability. Here are some quotes from the press release that helped drive Tuesday’s price action…

CEO David Massey said, “[…] We do not expect these acquisitions to have any adverse effect on our listing plans OTC By mid-March, after the recent successful listing of OTCQB. “

He continued: “These are all cash, not diluted planned acquisition […] Potential to pay for itself within two years. […] We eagerly await our Discord Q&A with shareholders this afternoon. “

Most importantly, company president Pablo Diaz said, “Looking back, joining SIRC was the best business decision I’ve ever made in my life.”

It’s crazy how aggressive it is. That’s why the stock has surged so much.I read the press release Before listing. But again, the overall market leads me to trade.

Weekend Trader Risk Management: Play It Safe

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when. . .when Dow Down 500 points, the Nasdaq is down 2%… Stocks that go up in large percentages usually don’t soar as much.

For example, here’s another stock I watched before and around Tuesday’s open…

Surgalign Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SRGA)

Surgalign Holdings soars information Its AI-guided surgery system received FDA clearance. Another company I’ve followed over the years, Intuitive Surgical Inc. (NASDAQ: ISRG).Robotic surgery is one of the biggest winners in healthcare Department over the past two decades.

SRGA rallied 25%, then fell off a cliff…

SRGA Chart: On January 18, 2022, there was news of the spike before the market, but failed to hold (Source:

That’s what I think will happen with SIRC. That’s why I took my conservative 10% profit.I usually for safety.

Learn Weekend Trading Strategies

Now that you understand the opportunities, I encourage you to learn strategies. After I post my deal, people send DMs asking, “Where can I learn to do this?”

Click here to learn more about Weekend Trader Strategies

This is a specific strategy. A method that takes time and experience to master. That’s why I created the Weekend Trader Program. Click the link and watch the video now.

Are you ready to learn weekend trader strategies? Leave a comment below, I love hearing from all my readers!

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