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The European Union will begin negotiations on security and immigration issues during the turmoil in Afghanistan​​ – EURACTIV.com

The spokesperson of the rotating EU presidency of Slovenia said on Monday (August 23) that the EU will begin this week to discuss how recent developments in Afghanistan may affect the security and immigration of the G27.

He told Reuters that experts will start studying the possible impact on immigration, assistance to major neighboring countries, and security-related issues on Tuesday, followed by a meeting of EU ambassadors on Thursday.

After the Taliban occupied Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan last week, Interior Minister Ales Hois stated that Slovenia’s EU presidency aims to convene a special meeting of interior ministers to discuss the situation as soon as possible.

Slovenia currently holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, which means that the country presides over the EU ministerial meeting.

Thousands of soldiers flocked back to the country to monitor the chaos of the airlift of foreigners and Afghans from Kabul Airport. US President Joe Biden is facing increasing pressure to extend the August 31 full withdrawal deadline.

Greek Immigration Minister Notis Mitarachi warned last week that NATO member Greece cannot be the gateway to the European Union for Afghans fleeing the escalating conflict.

He reiterated the EU’s call for a joint response to the collapse of the EU member states over whether the failed expulsion of Afghan asylum seekers collapsed last week.

Greece was at the forefront of Europe’s 2015 immigration crisis, when nearly 1 million people fled conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and landed on Greek islands before heading north to the richer European countries.

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev (Rumen Radev), another EU frontline country for illegal immigration, called the National Security Consultative Committee last week to discuss the challenges posed by the situation in Afghanistan.

In a written speech on Sunday, Austrian conservative Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz reiterated his opposition to admitting more people fleeing Afghanistan after the Taliban seize power.

During the European immigration crisis in 2015 and 2016, Austria accepted more than 1% of asylum seekers, and Kurz’s career was built on taking a hard line on immigration, winning every parliamentary election since 2017.

Although the EU is trying to solve the problems of the Afghans who have helped them over the past 20 years, Kurz said that coming to Austria is not an option.

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