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The former head of the US National Security Agency cheered for sending “non-toxic MAGA” Americans to Afghanistan, comparing Trump supporters to the Taliban — RT USA News

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Former CIA and National Security Agency Director Michael Hayden praised the treatment of fans of former President Donald Trump as non-human-or at least second-class citizens, cheering for the suggestion that they be deported and on par with the Taliban.

On Sunday, Hayden retweeted a post, suggesting to send “MAGA-wearing unvaxxed“The Americans went to Afghanistan instead of sending evacuation planes”Back to empty“After they placed those who had fled the Taliban elsewhere, they called it “good idea. “

The general also forwarded a picture of a pickup truck with a Trump flag, which was clear at a glance, reminiscent of a similar picture of the same Toyota pickup truck driven by ISIS.Ironically, these trucks are also Very likely Native to the United States. It is worth noting that ISIS is not the Taliban either.

The former intelligence chief also posted a Photoshop photo of the child in the Sixth Sense movie in a car surrounded by anti-vaccine protesters, with the caption “I see people who are about to die“–A threatening or sarcastic observation depends on how people read it.

Hayden’s reposting frenzy seems to be part of the increasing efforts of national security chiefs to make “War on terrorHome-Given that the war in Afghanistan is at least theoretically over, this effort will surely escalate.

With anti-terrorism funds in their pockets opening their eyes, the presidential administration still stubbornly insists that January 6th was an armed uprising that overthrew American democracy. There is no doubt that the national security agencies will continue to exaggerate”Vanilla ISIS“—The daunting mashup between the famous rapper of “Bingbing Baby” and a terrorist organization—is used by some observers to describe Trump’s white supporters, until ordinary Americans are also afraid of the terrorists next door.

FBI Director Christopher Ray has been warning for months “White supremacist“And other so-called “Native extremists“It poses the most serious threat to Americans, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a terrorism warning earlier this month, seeming to compare Americans protesting severe anti-coronavirus restrictions to a base celebrating the anniversary of September 11. Organize nostalgic people.

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Although the Department of Homeland Security admits that there are “No credible or imminent threats found“This did not stop them from wielding hollow threats like big sticks, because the sight of their French, Italian and British counterparts being swarmed by ordinary protesting citizens undoubtedly made their American counterparts tremble in their combat boots.

The generals under Biden who recently took office at the Pentagon apparently failed to figure out their channels of communication, as press secretary John Kirby admitted that he was “unfamiliar“The U.S. Embassy warned against going to Kabul Airport.

The Biden administration and its Democratic allies have also been working hard to bring the so-called “Anti-vaccine“And other forms”Native extremists,” called on Facebook and other social networks to delete their accounts, and in some cases even suggested exceptions to criminalizing their speech in the First Amendment. A bill proposed by Senate Democrats insists Think that social media platforms respond to its “fail“Remove”Misinformation related to health and vaccines during public health emergencies. “

Soon after the Biden administration publicly asked Facebook and other social networks to delete certain posts, the bill was introduced by Senators Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota Democrat) and Ben Ray Lujan (New Mexico Democrat) last month.

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Editorials in mainstream publications have repeatedly compared vaccine hesitators to terrorists, and cities such as New York and San Francisco have gone one step further by banning unvaccinated people from entering most commercial establishments.

In fact, it will be Hayden’s alley to further violate the rights of unvaccinated people.He described that the constitutional protection guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment-prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures-changed after the terrorist attack on September 11, notoriously explaining speech A few years later, the National Security Agency “Not just listening to bad people. NSA listens to the opinions of interesting people. People who exchange information.

Or, he dare to say…”mistaken“information?

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