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The governor proposes a plan to raise the animal bill

The government has announced plans to introduce a new criminal offence of pet abduction in its “Animal Breeding Act.”

The bill was first introduced in September, and offenders face up to five years in prison for the crime of kidnapping a dog.

Prior to this new crime, pet theft was considered the owner’s property damage. This new crime will take into account the emotional distress caused to the owner and the dog, and will help judges make more targeted punishments and sentences for pet thieves.

By introducing this crime, the government is following pet The Theft Task Force, established in May 2021 To address the reported increase in pet thefts during the pandemic.

There is evidence that more than 2,000 pet thefts were reported to the police last year.

George EustisThe Minister of the Environment said: “The loss of a beloved pet can cause unique suffering. I am glad that we are legislating to recognize this particular crime.

“The new crime of kidnapping a dog will reflect the impact of the punishment on the offender on the animal and provide justice for the victim.”

David Bowers, Director of Public Affairs Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Added: “Pet theft is devastating. We are very happy that the government has announced these amendments. We hope that these amendments can act as a real deterrent to those who commit such crimes.

“Although the current proposed law applies to dogs, we are very pleased to see that the government also recognizes the significance of other animals to humans and extends it to other pets. We hope that this new law with a maximum sentence of five years in prison will have Help combat the heartbreaking problem of pet theft.”

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