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“The Great Reset” is the road to socialism that Mises warned us about

With the absolute power of his intellectual achievements, Ludwig von Mises established himself as one of the most important intellectuals of the 20th century.his job human behaviour It is still the basic text of the Austrian school. The disintegration of the Soviet Union proved his unrealistic criticism of socialism, and there are still no serious intellectual challenges today.

Equally important but often overlooked is his work on the economic system that continues to influence the world today: interventionism.

Like his contemporaries like James Burnham, Mises recognized that the real threat to the free market in the West is not a real socialist revolution, but a “middle way” approach, thus attracting the politically shallow.

In 1950, in one of his most important speeches, Mises identified the most dangerous ideology on the global stage:

They oppose socialism as much as oppose capitalism. They recommend the third system. As they said, it is far away from both capitalism and socialism. As the third system of social economic organization, it is between the other two systems. While retaining the advantages of both, Avoid their inherent shortcomings. This third system is called the interventionist system. In the jargon of American politics, it is often referred to as the middle way policy.

This ideology succeeded where communism failed, successfully overthrowing governments around the world that had never truly respected property rights.

But as Mises understood, this “management revolution” cannot be sustained as a sustainable form of government. Interventionism may be politically convenient, but in the end its foundation is unstable and inconsistent. It must be completely rejected, otherwise it will inevitably lead to more and more power transfer to the state.

This is exactly what we are seeing.

The twentieth century saw foreign governments hostile to communism increasingly accepting growing nationalism at home. The state of supervision has grown. The welfare state has grown. The state of war grew. Domestic and domestic expenditures are so large that they force the U.S. government to break the relationship between the U.S. dollar and gold, providing U.S. technocrats with new ways to extract the wealth of the people and reward loyal institutions.

The only remaining inspection of the country comes from what the public will endure and competition between governments seeking to attract fiscal and human capital.

By 2021, governments and potential central planners of globalist institutions have identified opportunities to go beyond these remaining constraints. Under the guise of “public health”, the proud “liberal democracies” have imprisoned their citizens without due process. They shut down the economy and destroyed countless small businesses. They have enforced medical procedures. With the help of regulated companies, they silenced dissidents.

In response to the economic consequences of these actions, they are seeking to eliminate tax competition between states, coordinate medical authorization, control prices in specific industries, and provide banking services for those who resist.

With this new script and global ambitions, institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are seeking to use similar tools in the future, in the name of any crisis they think is worthwhile.

climate change. Overpopulation. Domestic extremism. misinformation. The cause of the day may change, but the script still exists.

We will have nothing, we will have no privacy, we will do what we have been told, and we will like it-otherwise.

As Mises understood, it doesn’t have to be this way. “[T]His results are not inevitable. This trend can be reversed, just like many other trends in history. “

how? People like you arm each other with the necessary intellectual tools to recognize and respond to this spread of authoritarianism. The challenges we face will not be solved by simple bumper stickers and the appearance of democratic elections, but by inspiring a new generation of brave people who are ready to resist.

This is the mission of the Mises Institute to promote and educate people around the world to reject the intellectual evils of the twentieth century and the ideas necessary for the authoritarian terror of our existing neoliberal order, and to restore a civilization based on respect for the individual. . Freedom, property rights and peaceful coexistence.

In the words of Ludwig von Mises,

Whether he chooses or not, everyone is involved in a great historical struggle. This is the decisive battle in which our time has plunged us.

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