The health food brands “Project Life” and “Colostrum Protein Powder” win…

The health food brands “Project Life” and “Colostrum Protein Powder” win…


Project Life, a brand specializing in healthy nutrition, attended the 49th Early Childhood Education Exhibition & Baby Fair held at COEX in Seoul, Korea, and received a great response from visitors.

Project Life is a superfood brand that fills everyday life with healthy plans and recently attracted a lot of attention from many consumers by participating in Baby Fair and launching “Colostrum Protein Powder” made of high-quality ingredients.

In Colostrum Protein Powder, the immune antibody IgG, a core ingredient of colostrum used as the main ingredient, is over 30%, which is significantly higher than other brands. It contains a high colostrum concentration of more than 20%, which is more than four times the average content. Colostrum, the main raw material, has been certified as colostrum from cows raised without antibiotics and hormones on a Qlip-certified clean ranch in the Netherlands.

Because no sugar, fructose, synthetic sweeteners or flavorings are used, consumers can take care of their health with just one scoop, while taking care of their safety and health, and enjoying the product in terms of nutrition and taste.

A Project Life official said, “We will appreciate the continued interest and response from consumers even after the Baby Fair.” Adding, “We will promote good products not only in Korea but also in overseas markets so that customers.” experience healthy products more easily.”

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